3 Key Makeup Products For A Subtle Dewy Glow


Since I can remember, I’ve always been a matte-makeup kinda girl. I was never into the whole glistening, light-reflecting, high cheekbone look. But hey! It’s 2020 and anything’s possible right? And while matte makeup will always have its place in my heart, dewy and almost blindingly “glowy” makeup is something that’s having a moment in the beauty world.

Whether one achieves luminous, light-blinding skin through their skincare or makeup products, there’s no denying that highlighted cheekbones and a subtle gleam is an art to perfect. If you scroll through your Instagram feed, you will find influencers, makeup artists, skincare junkies, brands and literally anyone who chases after that “subtle dewy glow look” to have at least one/ three products that are the perfect midpoint between a looking like a shiny disco ball and a dewy dumpling!

P.S: these products will leave your skin looking shine-free but hella‘ highlighted. And since I’m a less-is-more kinda girl, I’ve listed my 3 favourite (and most basic) products to begin with in order to achieve a natural glow.

1. Luminous Primer

BECCA primer | MakeUp4AllGlowy makeup must always start with prepped skin. Becca‘s primer blurs out and diffuses the lines on the skin for an instant illuminated glow. With the imperfections out of the way, the canvas is now ready for additional products to blend smoothly over the primer.

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2. Cream Blush

How to Get Dewy Skin Without Makeup | Dermstore Blog
One of my favourite Nudestix staples! This blush is a go-to whether you’re looking to create a flushed, natural look or a dewy one. Since the formula and texture of this one is creamy, it melts into the skin seamlessly to give your complexion a healthy glow and youthfulness. I love to use it as a base on my lids as well, to give it some overall flush and colour. And my most favourite part… You can use your fingers to blend out everything!

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3. Setting Spray

Dewy Set Setting Spray | Anastasia Beverly Hills

I’ve watched a lot of makeup tutorials to know to invest in a good setting spray. This water-based one from ABH leaves you with a radiant glow. And with that finish is only a glow and no oily residue. Because this acts like a two-in-one, it helps set your makeup and add an extra touch of dewiness to the look.

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