Regardless of where you stand on your holiday shopping, it’s always good to have a few little things on hand. Each year I find myself realizing I’ve forgotten people or don’t have quite enough small items to fill gift bags as the holidays near. And often, the less expensive gifts can be more practical and more cherished than the big-ticket items.

This gift guide makes giving just the right thing to a close one, filling stockings, and selecting gifts for colleagues easier without going over budget. Plus, you may find a few inexpensive things you want for yourself too! And even better—if you’re a Walmart+ member, you could get these gifts delivered directly to your home in less than a day.

1. For the one who likes hot drinks: This double-walled and vacuum-sealed tumbler

Credit: Ozark Trail
Best Walmart gifts under $10: Ozark Trail tumbler

A reusable coffee (or tea) mug can never go wrong. They make people happier because they keep coffee warm, and people like coffee. Plus, they’re Earth-friendly since they reduce single plastic waste. This affordable tumbler holds 20 oz (most of a french press’ capacity) and comes in fun shades like pink, teal, and classic silver. It’s a great gift option for Secret Santa or a White Elephant and you stay under a $10 limit!

Buy the Double Wall Vacuum Sealed Stainless Steel Tumbler from Walmart for $6.74

2. For the one who has back pain: An exercise ball

Credit: Gold’s Gym
Best Walmart gifts under $10: Exercise ball

It can be hard to find exercise equipment during the pandemic. Though some gyms are open again, it doesn’t quite feel like a safe place to be yet. Enter an exercise ball. It can help modify exercises while also encouraging creativity. There are endless types of core work you can do with it, as well as use it for advanced movements like lunges or pushups. When the ball isn’t being utilized for a workout, it can double as a desk chair that requires you to use your core—and by doing so it’ll lessen back pain. This 65cm exercise ball is a great deal for such a versatile piece of equipment.

Buy the 65cm Anti-Burst Exercise Body Ball from Walmart for $7.97

3. For the one who likes a blanket burrito: This lightweight sherpa throw

Credit: Mainstays
Best Walmart gifts under $10: Sherpa throw

This is the time of year for staying in and wrapping up in blankets for movie marathons and warm cider. I don’t think I’ll ever own too many blankets, and these soft, plush throws are some of my favorites. The sherpa blanket is cozy and comfy, making it perfect for keeping on the bed or the couch. And since the colors are neutral it’s bound to match any style of decor. I don’t think anyone could go wrong gifting a fluffy blanket like this.

Buy the Extra Plush Lightweight Sherpa Throw from Walmart for $8.88

4. For the one who asks for the aux cord: An Apple Lightning to 3.5 mm headphone jack adapter

Credit: Apple
Best Walmart gifts under $10: Apple adapter

If you have an iPhone and have ever forgotten your adapter, better known as a dongle, you surely know the value of always having one on hand. I recently showed up to a yoga class I was teaching and realized I’d forgotten mine. I instantly went into panic mode because who the heck wants to practice in silence with other people? Thankfully, the front desk worker at the gym had one in his car. (Thank you, kind stranger!)

What I’m getting at, is that an adapter like this is an invaluable gift for friends, especially those who don’t go anywhere without their music. It’s always nice to have several so you can keep them in the car, by your speaker, or in your purse for yoga classes.

Buy the Apple Lightning to 3.5 mm Headphone Jack Adapter from Walmart for $9

5. For the one who enjoys card games: This exciting game from the makers of Uno

Credit: Phase 10
Best Walmart gifts under $10: Phase 10

Let me start by saying that this game may look simple, but it is not. In a good way though! It’s a Rummy-style card game from the makers of Uno that is quick to learn and can last a few hours depending on the hands that are dealt. I played it against my boyfriend over the holidays last year and it was frustrating, challenging, and brought out our most competitive sides!

The premise seems easy: complete 10 phases, or combinations, with the cards in your hand. However, you have to do the phases in a certain order, which is where I got stuck. This deck makes a great family gift that everyone can enjoy.

Buy the Phase 10 Card Game from Walmart for $4.97

6. For the one who has been washing their hands: This soothing Burt’s Bees hand cream

Credit: Burt’s Bees
Best Walmart gifts under $10: Burt’s Bees hand cream

First off, I hope we’re all washing our hands! With the COVID pandemic and the arrival of flu season, it’s safest to practice the best hygiene routines. That means washing your hands after you go out, see people, touch things, pretty much anything. But all the hand washing has led to dry and irritated skin for many of us.

Burt’s Bees makes some of my favorite products, like this honey and grapeseed oil hand cream. It’s small enough to keep on hand (aha!) while on the go or store at your desk. It’s an easy gift to give to any friend or family member for instant satisfaction.

Buy the Burt’s Bees Honey & Grapeseed Oil Hand Cream from Walmart for $6.66

7. For the one who has a lot of things: These incredibly handy glass apothecary vanity jars

Credit: Better Homes & Gardens
Best Walmart gifts under $10: Glass jar

I love a good multipurpose item that can work in different rooms of my house. Initially, I’d look for baskets, containers, and jars to store trinkets and items that I didn’t necessarily want to display. Now, I like to have options for when I feel like shopping for my own home and swapping things around for a fresh look.

This small, glass jar is the latter. It can house bathroom essentials like cotton rounds or q-tips. It can also create a home for air plants or be used as pantry storage for anything from pasta to protein bars. I love the idea of gifting this with another gift inside—maybe chocolate or a vibrant bouquet?

Buy the Glass Apothecary Vanity Jar from Walmart for $7.97

8. For the one who needs some self-care: A thick cotton bath towel

Credit: Better Homes & Gardens
Best Walmart gifts under $10: Towels

I like gifting towels because it feels like permitting someone to spend time on self-care. So many people are busy and overwhelmed and burnt out, especially this time of year. Giving them a gift that reminds them to slow down for an evening bath feels like the right thing to do. Plus, these plush cotton bath towels are so affordable that you can pair them with a bath bomb or a bottle of wine to send the self-care message without going over budget.

Buy the Thick and Plush Cotton Bath Towel from Walmart for $7.72

9. For the one who tailgates: A personal can cooler

Credit: Ozark Trail
Best Walmart gifts under $10: Cooler

This stainless steel can cooler is a glorified koozie. It’ll keep a can of soda or beer cold during tailgates, concerts, camping, or backyard barbeques all year long. This simple device keeps my hands from freezing and keeps my drinks cold. It also makes it easy to identify which drink is mine when in a group with friends. The steel cooler unscrews and screws back on over your can, so it’s easy to use and the rust-proof material will last in practically any outdoor conditions.

Buy the Drink Sleeve Vacuum-sealed Stainless Steel Can Cooler from Walmart for $6.74

10. For the one who likes to stay hydrated: This large-capacity insulated water bottle

Credit: TAL
Best Walmart gifts under $10: Stainless steel water bottle

You’ve probably heard it by now, but a reusable water bottle is the best way to stay hydrated. It helps reduce plastic waste because it’s refillable. It also feels a bit safer in these uncertain times. They simplify staying hydrated on the go, at the gym, at the airport, or even at the office. You can also add fresh fruit, herbs, or essential oils to flavor your water. And, it’s nice to have several on hand while others are in the dishwasher or your gym bag. These modern, 20-ounce bottles make a sweet and sustainable gift affordable and easy.

Buy the 20 Oz Stainless Vacuum Insulated Modern Water Bottle from Walmart for $9.94

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