Analysis of HostGator Hosting, The Top rated hosting Provider company


HostGator is among the best web hosting providers now. HostGator can also be one of the top trusted hosting companies, and currently powers countless domains around the world.


• HostGator are specialists in shared web hosting with a great deal of experience, leading from a massive client base and a decades-long track record.

• There are few if any hosting providers that could match HostGator concerning pricing; you can be sure to discover large discounts and special offers most of the time, particularly if you opt for longer billing cycles.

• It’s possible to find a free domain name with your hosting order; keep in mind that the domain will renew during its usual price after 1 year.

• The average server uptime is over the 99.9% figure cited in HostGator’s service warranty. This is a typical level for shared hosting and suggests less than an hour of complete expected downtime per month.

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• You are able to get 24/7/365 support with HostGator’s live chat, either in case you have an existing account or merely considering to become a customer. The support team is friendly and knowledgeable.

• Actually, as a result of a large archive of instructional and help articles you won’t even need to use the conversation that frequently.


• Server response time, which influences your website’s loading speed, is okay but not good for a hosting supplier of the size.

• When purchasing HostGator services one should always remember the specific prices listed on their site are valid for the first billing cycle only.

• The proprietor of HostGator, the Endurance Group, relies on extracting money flows from obtained hosting suppliers, which could suggest less motivation for HostGator to innovate and go that extra mile for its customers.


HostGator offers web hosting for different users at different price ranges, with adaptive resource choices. It offers good shared hosting for novices, but also excellent options for intermediate users with plenty of free features like SSL certificates.

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