Top 6 Best 32 Inch Led TV in India


Are you looking for best 32 inch TVs?

You have come to the right place.

We are going to offer you a list of 6 of the best market options in the segment of 32-inch televisions.

Although the trend is towards increasingly larger TVs, the 32 “still offer good performance in rooms or smaller rooms.

TV manufacturers are introducing numerous new features in their equipment, both at the level of viewing technologies, panel quality, operating system, sound, etc. In any case, if you are going to buy a 32-inch TV, the quality/price ratio is usually quite balanced. For little money, we can take a good product home.

The best TV brands

At present, there are numerous firms in this sector, including several very strong Chinese firms, but we have decided on Six:

  • Thomson LED offers content, apps and games for your TV. You can watch streaming movies, listen to music or play Android games on the biggest screen of the house. With features like voice search and Chromecast built-in, Android TV makes your TV smarter.
  • MI TV In our opinion, it is the most important brand in the television sector. It has outperformed the competition thanks to its huge investment in research and development that is bearing great fruit with future technologies such as roll-up panels or OLED technology.
  • Samsung The great South Korean rival of LG is one of the leading companies in consumer electronics. Its catalog of televisions is extraordinarily wide.
  • Sony A whole classic. Although the Japanese may have been surpassed in recent years by the South Koreans, maintains its great prestige in the segment of televisions with its popular line Bravia.
  • Philips Another classic. The Dutch company continues to offer a catalog of TVs with good value for money and a remarkable customer service.
  • Panasonic It is one of our favorite TV firms. The German stands out for the design and exclusivity of its products. Their televisions are wonderful, although their price is usually a little higher.

The 6 best 32 inch TVs best in the market

Panasonic 32

Weight 6KG
Dimensions 8.5 x 73.3 x 43.7 cm
Model number TH-32E460D
Resolution 720p HD Ready
Display LED
Screen Size 32 Inches

If we are looking for cheap TVs, maybe this Panasonic is a little out of budget, but we believe that it should not be missing from our list due to the enormous prestige achieved by Panasonic products.

The Panasonic 32 is one of the best televisions on this diagonal that we can find on the market today. It is a marvel both technically and aesthetically. As we said above, the aesthetic factor is more subjective, but it is difficult not to be seduced by the elegant metallic finish of this TV. It is a Smart TV with LED panel Full HD 1080 p. including E-LED-Backlight technology for ideal lighting and contrast values, as well as outstanding sharpness of movement.

Likewise, unlike other televisions, the Panasonic 32 includes 3D technology. The image of this team acquires a great three-dimensional depth and the integrated 2D to 3D converter allows to enjoy content in 2 dimensions also in 3 dimensions. The Panasonic 32 also takes care of the sound, an aspect always complex in the flat televisions. It has integrated 2.1 sound with a musical power of 2 x 10 watts + 20 watts. If you are a lover of good sound, the Panasonic 32 is magnificent in this regard.

Another factor to take into account are the updates. As we know, the software does not stop evolving and the devices can become obsolete sooner than we would like. This will not happen with the Panasonic 32 thanks to the Panasonic MediaUpdate from which automatic updates are downloaded.

Exclusive designAdvantage

  • Sound and image quality top
  • Smart TV and Full HD


  • More expensive than the rest of our list

Sometimes we look for a cheap product and we are captivated by a device that gets a little out of budget. The Panasonic 32 is worth it if you are willing to pay a little more. You will have in your home a 32 “TV with a unique design and unsurpassed quality.

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Sony KDL-32W705C

Weight 6.5KG
Dimensions 73.8 x 5.9 x 43.5 cm
Model number KDL-32W700C
Resolution 1080p Full HD
Display LED
Screen Size 32 Inches

Sony could not be missing from our list. The Japanese firm is a historical one in this sector. Not too long ago, having a Sony was synonymous with having the best TV on the market. And although the Japanese firm has been in this XXI century with much more competition, maintains its prestige, especially in terms of image quality and high performance.

The Sony KDL-32W705C is a Full HD 1080p Bravia with Smart TV function. It only takes a look at the aesthetic design of this TV to verify that we are facing something different. In this sense, the central base seems to us to be a most attractive and effective resource.

Technologically, the Sony KDL-32W705C is a bit ahead of most of its rivals. X-Reality PRO and Motionflow XR are two solutions patented by Sony whose objective is to offer the best image quality, both in terms of contrast and fluidity of movement and realism of colors.

Another interesting innovation in this television is at the sound level with ClearAudio + and S-Force Front Surround. One of the less prominent aspects, generally, in the flat TVs of the last generations is the sound. Sony has always tried to differentiate itself in this field, and the Sony KDL-32W705C is no exception, beating much of the competition.


  • Full HD and Smart TV
  • Outstanding image quality
  • Remarkable sound


  • Price a little higher

Sony has many loyal fans who trust in their prestige in this sector. Sony TVs always offer an extra in design and technology. The Sony KDL-32W705C stands out in these two factors being ideal for the demanding user who wants to buy a 32 “quality.


Weight 7.4KG
Dimensions (mm) 970 x 613 x 214
Model number  Mi LED Smart TV 4A
Resolution 1366 x 768 pixels
Display LED
Screen Size 32 Inches

The 32-inch Xiaomi model offers a resolution of 1366 x 768/60 Hz with a viewing angle of 178 degrees. Connectivity offers HDMI and USB. This 32-inch version is very light with only 3.9 Kg.

The 43-inch model features a FULL HD resolution of 1920 x 1080/60 Hz. The slab is signed LG/Samsung or AUO.

The remote control is identical to that of the MI TV Bar.

It is naturally on the operating system that these Xiaomi TVs can stand out from the competition. Xiaomi offers an OS based on Android 6 Marshmallow with a user layer reminiscent of the MI TV Bar I tested a few months ago. The TVs are powered by a 4-core 1.5GHz processor, 1 to 2 GB of RAM and 4GB of storage. What to store some applications like Kodi. The 43-inch version is networked with Bluetooth and Wifi.


  • Full HD and Smart TV
  • Panel with good viewing quality
  • Great value for the price


  • The external design does not convince us

When looking for cheap 32-inch TVs, we can find many brands. But with LG, there’s no doubt. Currently it is No. 1. Of course, there are better TVs than this LG 32LF580, but it is difficult to find a more balanced in cost and performance.

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Samsung 40K5000

Weight 11.3KG
Dimensions 106.7 x 58.4 x 63.5 cm
Model number UA-40K5000
Resolution 1080p HD Ready
Display LED
Screen Size 32 Inches

We take a leap in quality and travel from Holland to South Korea. Samsung does not need a presentation. Thanks to its strength in the sector of smartphones, the Asian firm has managed to succeed across the globe. But Samsung also has one of the broadest TV catalogs in the world.

At the external design level, Samsung does not get too complicated and opts for central support and sober but elegant lines.

At 32 inches, we recommend this 40K5000. Its panel is Full HD and it is a Smart TV, which means that we can access the internet directly from the TV through a WiFi connection or through an Ethernet cable and, in turn, use popular applications such as YouTube.

Among the technologies included in this equipment, highlights Micro Dimming Pro that allows a processing of brightness by quadrants to show the most optimal color and contrast at all times. In addition, contrast management is assured with Mega Contrast. For its part, the Clean View system is responsible for optimizing the image in low resolution content.

In addition, the Briefing on TV system allows you to easily connect devices to the TV via USB or HDMI.


  • Smart TV
  • Full HD resolution
  • Good WiFi reception


  • Improvable sound quality

It is hard to be wrong with a Samsung TV. The Asian company has enormous prestige and its equipment offers great performance. This 40K5000 is indicated for users who want to buy a 32-inch TV with full HD resolution and with Smart TV function. It is a little more expensive than the Philips but also more complete.

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Philips 32PFL3230

Weight 7.75KG
Dimensions 90 x 51x 16.5 cm
Model number 32PFL3230
Resolution 720p HD Ready
Display LED
Screen Size 32 Inches

It is one of the 32 inch TVs with the best quality/price ratio. Philips never disappoints and usually offers one of the best consumer electronic customer services.

The Philips 32PFL3230 is a sober, functional, well-equipped and ideal television for the user who is looking for quality equipment at a good price.

From an aesthetic point of view, Philips has incorporated an ultra-narrow bezel to enjoy wider images and a support that creates a feeling of greater lightness.

Presents an HD LED panel 1366 x 768 pixels resolution. There are two technologies that we must emphasize in this television. On the one hand, Perfect Motion Rate (PMR) that combines Philips visualization technology with an improvement in video processing to optimize image quality. And, on the other hand, Digital Crystal Clear, which aims to enjoy good image quality regardless of the source used.

It also has inputs for USB and HDMI which means a plus level of connectivity. We can connect a laptop or a storage device and enjoy our favorite movies and series.


  • Good value for money
  • Simple to configure and use
  • Philips warranty


  • It’s not Smart TV
  • It’s not Full HD

If you want to buy a 32 “TV from a prestigious firm but do not want to spend a lot of money, the Philips 32PFL3230 is one of the best options. We like its design and its simplicity also offering a good image quality. And all with a very competitive price.

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Thomson LED Smart TV B9

Weight 9KG
Dimensions 86 x 18 x 25 cm
Model number 32HD3101
Resolution 720p HD Ready
Display LED
Screen Size 32 Inches

The Thomson 32HD3101 is equipped with a 32 “(80 cm) HDTV 1080p display that includes an HD tuner, a direct LED backlight, and a smooth, easy-to-use image. a rate of 50 Hz and thus offering you a quality image. The backlight of this Thomson is by LED Direct and it consists of using the LED distributed over the entire backlit panel. The light then spreads on the slab. This type of TV is significantly thicker than others. The 32HD3101 gives you better brightness and better contrast. The dynamic contrast of this TV is the Mega Contrast which presents vibrant colors and realistic. The TV has a headphone output and a coaxial digital audio output. In order not to have a difference in sound volume between the different programs that you will watch, the sound control is done automatically.

This screen has 2 HDMI 1.4 inputs, a USB 2.0 multimedia port to connect your USB key or hard drive to listen to your music, view your photos or watch videos in AVI, MP4, MPG and TSI, as well as Headphone jack for listening to your music or TV programs in peace.

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What to keep in mind before buying a television?

When looking for cheap 32-inch TVs, we must take into account some key factors:

  • Size. Are we sure of the chosen size? The room and the surrounding space is important to decide the diagonal. A simple trick is to add half a meter every ten inches. To properly see a 32-inch TV we must be at least 1.5 meters and not exceed 2 meters. It is not common sense to put a very large television in a small room and vice versa.
  • Resolution: at present, the Full HD format is the most common in the 32 “. It is not at the level of the UHD but it improves the HD experience. It is more than enough to enjoy television.
  • Smart TV. This function allows you to connect the TV to the network and enjoy content over the internet, especially access to popular apps such as YouTube. In any case, you should evaluate if you need it. A TV with no Smart function is cheaper.
  • Connectivity. Most televisions have Scart, USB, HDMI connectors, etc. The more connections the better, but you should analyze what kind of devices you are going to connect to the TV. Avoid unpleasant surprises when you get home with your new device and discover that you can not connect the tablet, for example.
  • Sound. It’s not easy to find a cheap 32-inch TV that sounds perfect. The flat panels have difficulties in this aspect due to the lack of resonance. If you are a fan of powerful and clean sound you will have to spend a little more or buy external speakers.

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