Top 10 Best Bluetooth Headphones in India (2020)


They were one of the big trends of 2017. These headphones without any wire – neither between the smartphone, nor between them – are very practical with the use, but present very variable qualities Our team has tested them to deliver you its top 10.

2017 was the advent of true wireless headphones. Initiated in 2016, the market has exploded, we had already tested several models, but in the face of this wave, we decided to create this top 10. This ranking is essentially based on test labs, including autonomy and bandwidth.

Having a reliable Bluetooth Sports headphones or headphones brings unlimited entertainment indoors and outdoors. Nowadays, wireless headphones take over because of their ease of use and versatility. Some of the available wireless technologies include Bluetooth and radio frequency. In this review, we will focus our attention on the best sports Bluetooth headset available on the market. They are easy to carry, elegant when wearing and eliminate hanging wires. Before going into the details of an individual helmet, let’s look at the shopping tips you need to take into account.

The latter partly measures the sound quality of the earphones, the first point that must, of course, be taken care of. Autonomy can vary from two to more than six hours from one model to another. It is therefore also necessary to pay attention to the case delivered with the headphones: all integrate a battery allowing to recharge them on the fly. Two additional cycles are generally possible, enough to compensate for the cycle of use of this type of earpiece, still a little weak.

Finally, note that almost all models are headphones type intra-auricular. They completely clog the ear canal. They thus allow an effective passive insulation against the noise of the environment. But this type of helmet is not necessarily appreciated by all and can be uncomfortable for some people. We advise you as far as possible to test one before cracking.

Chevron Viper

Very compact and delivered with a battery case of 2200 mAh even to charge a smartphone, Hide show there two strong points. Except that their sound quality and passive isolation are well below other models in our ranking. But the floor price of 79 euros is an argument of shock that will suit the smaller stock markets wanting to take advantage of a “true wireless” model.

Great design – Extremely light design, compact size and comfortable, you will not suffer from ear pain after long use.

With a fashionable design in the ear, transfer extreme stereo sound to your ears.

The ergonomic in-ear designed with a sound-absorbing sound-absorbing material reduces external noise while minimizing sound leakage, giving you exceptional sound

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CrossBeats Soul

Thanks to Bluetooth V4.2 wireless technology, it synchronizes with all Bluetooth compatible devices up to 12 meters away.

With its built-in microphone and high-quality audio system, it delivers crystal clear sound. It is compatible with most devices equipped with Bluetooth, including the full range of Apple iPhones, and Android Smartphones.

Loading Box – Totally different from other vendors in Amazon, there is the loading box with a perfect design and not just the USB charging adapter. Put them inside the charging box and it will be charged by induction without having to plug them in, which is more convenient.

Jaybird Run

Little known to the general public, the Jaybird brand proves that over the years, some of its products are worth seeing.

This is again the case with these Run. If they do not ship any sensor, they are however dedicated to the sportsmen thanks to a very effective system of fixing which is wedged in the hollow of the ear.

The sound is very good, especially as the music application – rather complete – allows a very fine equalization. A recommend for those who love to move and want to spend a little less than buying the Samsung Gear IconX for example.

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Avantree IPX5

The reputation of Avantree IPX5 is more to do on the sound quality of its products and this Avantree is no exception to the rule.

Less neutral than the Sony WF-1000X, this model puts, for example, a little more forward its bass. The application makes it possible to choose a “warm” or “brilliant” sound coloring, a kind of equalizer with more evocative images than sliders that are moved.

We also love the very stylish leather case, but we regret that 300 euros Avantree IPX5 did not provide a USB cable to recharge.

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Jabra Elite 65t

Jabra comes back from a distance. While its previous Elite Sport disappointed us, the new Elite 65t allow the Danish brand to go up from eighth to sixth place in our top 10.

Well designed and comfortable, they are especially endowed with the best autonomy of our ranking!

We regret even more that the audio quality is not quite the rendezvous, especially because of a total over-representation of mediums. Too bad because the management of phone calls is excellent, inherited from the know-how of the professional subsidiary of the brand.

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Samsung Gear IconX (2018)

Like Apple, Samsung was one of the first brands on the market to offer true wireless headphones. This second version of its Gear IconX is much more successful, including the autonomy that now rises to 4 h 17. 

The sound is excellent, but what best distinguishes this model from most of its competitors is the integrated accelerometer. Coupled with the Samsung Health app (only available for Android), the system allows you to measure your exercises in a fairly accurate way if you do not already have a watch or a bracelet connected.

Life is full of compromise, and it’s the same with the Samsung. On the plus side, you get a level of noise mitigation that can easily compete with the brand’s headphones, but the concession here is about the fidelity of the sound, which is just not at the same level as the others In-ear headphones or headphones that we tested.

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Sony WF-1000X

This is the Rolls Royce of the sound quality of our ranking. This pair of headphones offers an impressive performance in the field. Even on complex orchestrations, one can distinguish perfectly all the instruments.

Let’s greet even more the almost non-existent distortion at high volume, a performance for this type of headphones. The Sony application is also very complete. On the other hand, we are disappointed by the almost imperceptible reduction of active noise. By disabling it, we arrive painfully at 2 h 43 consecutive use. Headphones to book so lovers of (very) good sound.

It has really created something special with the BE Sport3 headphones. Their value is incredible for a pair of good-sounding, all-day wireless headphones that have extremely durable build quality and exceptional sound insulation.

They may not be the most dynamic or strong headphones, but Sony is showing us the future of wireless headphones.

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Bose SoundSport Free

For its first test in the field of “true wireless” earphones, Bose is full. Dedicated to sporty use, its SoundSport Free is IPX4 certified to resist sweat. Very comfortable, they maintain themselves very well and provide more excellent autonomy of 5 h 20. Best of all, these headphones deliver a powerful and quite impressive, typical of the sound signature of the American brand.

Workouts have simply become fun and motivating with these Bluetooth headphones. Designed for sport, the devices are on the ear and enhanced with a snug fit. In addition, the ear tips have foam padding and silicone material for comfort.

With a silicone gel feel, they fit ergonomically into the ears, even with extreme workouts. For convenience, these headphones feature the latest Bluetooth 4.1 version eliminating the need for wired connection. In addition, this version is a fast connection and offers a connectivity range of up to 33 feet.

On the other hand, going outside is safe and no damage to these headphones because they are waterproof and sweaty. HD stereo output and noise canceling capability allow Zeus Wireless Outdoor Headphones to be a perfect selection. These headphones offer 8 hours of music playback and 220 hours of standby time.

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Apple AirPods

Among the pioneers of true wireless, Apple has developed very well-designed headphones. The process of pairing Bluetooth – sometimes painful on other models – does not arise here even more, provided you have an Apple device (iPhone, iPad, Watch or Mac).

Android users will enjoy its other qualities: very good autonomy of 4 h 58, exemplary finish and sound quality successful. Only non-intra-ear models of this classification, they are very comfortable and can be worn for hours while being forgotten. Negative to this, they do not isolate very well in noisy environments.

There are many things you can love about AirPods, including their audio fidelity and the ease with which they connect to your device. But while there are obvious benefits, we can not give the AirPods the top spot in our rankings. In the end, the fact that there is no remote control means that there are headphones easier to use when traveling, and Siri is not a good replacement.

They may not fall as easily as we feared, but they do not seem to be safe enough for their price or to be good enough in the performance category to compensate for this transgression. Maybe Apple’s AirPods 2 could fix these problems in the near future.

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Divacore Antipods

This is the mark that we had not seen coming. The company messina seizes the head of this top 10 thanks to an important feature: its headphones offer the second best autonomy of our ranking, behind the Jabra Elite 65t.

With a performance of 6:19, we can use them without much fear when they will be stored in their case to recharge. If we add to that a more correct sound and especially a floor price of 119 euros, it becomes difficult for the competition to fight against this excellent value for money.

However, there is good news from this side: the best Bluetooth headphones have been improved in almost every aspect over the past few years – ultimately making them competitive with their wired “ancestors”. And it looks like these improvements are not about to slow down in the near future – the best headphone manufacturers are working tirelessly to create Bluetooth headphones that sound better, last longer and do not empty our wallets when it’s about buying them.

There are new and improved wireless headphones, such as True Wireless Sport Run, a potential competitor of Apple’s AirPods for runners, which are constantly on the market. And as for every corner of the tech, the arrival of Apple in this world has boosted competitors to keep upward innovation and prices down (all in order to have a chance against the standards extremely high Apple) and with the rumors of AirPods 2 circulating, the innovation will probably not slow for a moment.

However, with the ever-expanding wireless headphone market, it can be difficult to find a pair that is the perfect balance between cost and quality. But we have ranked the best Bluetooth headphones that exist to reduce the list to something less heavy. So, whether you are audiophile or just economical, here are the headphones for all those who are tired of taking their sons in all that is in their path.

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