69 Original Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Girlfriend


Before our list to help you make the right gift for your bros and your fathers, place the Christmas gifts for girls!

You will find in this article a list of Christmas gifts for your girlfriend, your sister, your mother and your mistress. No jealous!

We are obviously waiting for your ideas for Christmas gifts for women at the end of the article: male solidarity in the face of this arduous task!

All sweet, I laugh, I’m kidding, no gifts for your mistress. No trace we said! Do not like Alan Rickman in 2003 in Love Actually: his wife sees him buy a bracelet or necklace, she waits at the foot of the tree and does not find it at night…

Grilled… Come on, cynical truce, Christmas is beautiful like everything …

Foreword: to make a Christmas present to a woman is…

It’s personal, gentlemen. See if possible. The gift to make your darling for Christmas is not necessarily in the list that follows but must be personalized. You must put all your heart into it!

If you read this article, it is already a good point: it means that you dig your head for her, to make her happy, to surprise her, to prove to her that you know her.

Because this is the important thing: a gift is made to emphasize the complicity and love that unites you. It is not so much its value that is important, its value facial (easy…) but its sentimental value.

After, you can still improve the gift through techniques found in the ebook of Lex and Anashka Successful relationship: in addition to the gift, what matters is the atmosphere.

At Christmas, the atmosphere is rather traditional, it is rather a family celebration, but if you are alone with your girlfriend, why not offer him:

  • A gift package made by you
  • A treasure hunt to find the gift
  • A heart-shaped Post-It trail to lead to the hidden gift
  • A subdued atmosphere for a sexy Christmas

The list of 100 Christmas gifts for girlfriend

Anything labeled One Direction if she is under 14 years old. After this age, it becomes more complicated, we hope you find your happiness, and especially his, in this list!

A great digital camera

A super luxurious lavish bathrobe

A super luxurious lavish bathrobe

Cool DVDs

Cool DVDs

A fashion and technological ski outfit

ski outfit

If you find that it makes no sense, I’m not responsible! Do not kill the messenger!

  1. A dinner at SEPTIME to discover the cuisine of Bertrand Grébaut.
  2. Linen bed linen, from AM-PM Since always the colors of their boiled linens make me crack. I think it’s the perfect hippy chic touch. Every year I imagine myself succumbing but the price still slows me down.
  3. A Diptyque candle. Who does not like diptyque candles, seriously? They have the smell and the most chic design I know. With them, they are sure to please and without taste.
  4. Small thin rings to accumulate. This is the big trend in jewelry but I always liked the fine rings. Those of “Three little dots” or “Monsieur” are sublime.
  5. Beautiful dishes and decor: as a young executive who finally buys his apartment, I took a few Christmas to furnish and develop. So I had several times a coffee service CCD (that’s hot but mega off budget)
  6. Water and wine glasses and cups from different periods so to buy from antique dealers
  7. Less beautiful glasses but better for aperitifs with people less careful (like my friends!)
  8. Real beautiful vases for flowers (antique, beautiful faience…)
  9. From the decor at Fleux, Kartel…
  10. Beautiful heels, Barbara Bui, Jimmy Choo, Louboutin…
  11. The Kenzo sweater with tiger (to offer your girlfriend, yes Gentlemen!
  12. Nike limited editions with heels –
  13. Jewel: The Tiffany’s heart is always well received…
  14. Nice earrings, a beautiful bracelet, but NO ring of course.
  15. My reader. If a girl likes to read and does a little with technology it’s great. Remember to download a few cool books before giving it to him, his favorite books, etc. If I did not already have one, I’d love the new Kindle Fire!
  16. My music speaker station that I walk everywhere: it’s great, the sound is great, big battery life, it works in Bluetooth. Perfect if your girlfriend loves music!
  17. Branded lipsticks (Dior, Chanel etc… but you take a risk if you make a mistake in color… remember to search his bathroom before!)
  18. Weekends for lovers (one of the craziest and most romantic places I’ve visited is Sintra: a small town 20 minutes from Lisbon, little known but with the craziest / funny castles / beautiful that I saw… plus it’s not expensive)
  19. I am not very jewelery, I do not like to look like a Christmas tree, precisely. But I like the idea that an object that can be worn every day… An ex I liked a lot had offered me the handcuffs of Dinh Van, I loved. Because it came from him
  20. In the same vein: small discreet earrings, a Hermès leather strap (what I like about this bracelet is the “tie” and “leather” side – if a guy offers me that, I find that there is a little sexual side).
  21. A little weekend for two. 3 days at the Blue Lagoon in Iceland, because I’m dreaming of going there, in Finland at the level of the Arctic Circle to make sled dogs…
  22. A Petite Mendigote Alpine bag
  23. A pair of black Dartata boots from Louboutin in 38 (for every day)
  24. A pair of Belle Calf black boots from Louboutin in 38 (for all days)
  25. The blue leopard skirt Bérénice in size 36
  26. Canada Goose Trillium Black Parka in S

( FYI: I thank the girlfriend who gave me all his measurements in passing, she believes that I am Croesus… )

  1. The beautiful Hope leather bag and Montana boots from Sezane
  2. An outing at the Opera
  3. The last season of The Walking Dead and / or Game of Thrones (to watch together)
  4. A little cheap wink gift but that shows that you know me.
  5. A ring (but you risk planting yourself, not in size, but in style), rather a fine long necklace.
  6. The last “Nina Ricci”
  7. A naughty Santa Claus
  8. A stay for two in London
  9. A pasta necklace (because it’s a private joke )
  10. A silk kimono
  11. A coffee machine
  12. The smoky outfit (cigarette holder, cases, pocket ashtray) (FYI: Smoking kills, makes sterile, makes all this stink, I make reservations)
  13. A cell phone (which I broke)
  14. Concert tickets
  15. A television set
  16. A parachute jump session
  17. A box of chocolates
  18. A watch (I love watches, I consume them like handbags)
  19. A green plant (it lasts longer than flowers)
  20. A drill (to help her become an independent girl) and the whole toolkit that goes with it
  21. A horse show or tickets for the circus
  22. A rare and ancient book
  23. A giant Toblerone bar 1 meter long, 4.5kg
  24. A Nintendo DS (or any console for gamers)
  25. A duvet cover and matching pillowcases
  26. An original protective shell for my phone
  27. A large workshop-style mirror ( Do not ask me what it is … )
  28. A gift card for clothes
  29. An express backpack for skiing
  30. A biosphere ball (FYI: I have to get my nose out of books, I discover too much stuff today…)
  31. An ant farm (especially I know but I just read the Werber and start ant farms…)
  32. An animal (but only if you have already mentioned the subject beforehand)
  33. A session or an internship of XXX (driving, skydiving, jet ski, painting, cooking, pole dancing…)
  34. Beautiful underwear
  35. A nice bottle of wine, whiskey, or a whole box (champagne, Japanese whiskey, wines)
  36. Stylish computer or tablet sleeve
  37. A high-end suitcase (on wheels, I have little arms!)
  38. A personalized caleFYIr with photos of you

The list of the ultimate Christmas gifts for a girl

  1. A digital photo frame (Oh, I’m kidding! It was a test to see if you were asleep. It is infamous that stuff…)
  2. A cooking torch, a set of stoves, a wok, all it takes for her to have fun in the kitchen if she likes it. If she does not, she’ll feel insulted, watch out. (FYI: in the same way, forget the gifts LOL type vacuum cleaner and washing machine…)
  3. A remotely controllable sex toy
  4. A stay in spa therapy
  5. A compile made by you

Yes, level rigor I admit, we exceeded the 69 gifts, sorry to try to help you… and I think we can easily pass the 100 mark!

Now I’m going to reveal to you the real gift that would make them all fantasize, they were many to write to us… Your girlfriend would love to have… TIME!

More free time to relax, have activities outside of school or office… Time for her! How can you help her?

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