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DigitalOcean is an American cloud hosting company focused on helping developers launch more apps faster and easier.

The ultimate goal of DigitalOcean is to use a solid-state drive, or SSD, to create a user-friendly platform that will allow their wealth of clients to transfer projects to and from the cloud, ramping up production with speed and efficiency.

Pros of Using DigitalOcean Hosting-

1. Fantastic “Average” Uptime of  99.99%

DigitalOcean really excels in uptime, delivering an average of >99.99% over the last year of monitoring.

That means that since April 2020 they only had 14 outages and 23 minutes of downtime. The only month where DigitalOcean didn’t deliver a perfect 100% uptime was April 2020 (with an uptime of 99.96%).

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2. Lightning-Fast Load Times 268 ms

Uptime is the number one statistic to watch for when selecting a web host.

After all – every bell and whistle on the planet won’t account for a hill of beans if your website is spending long periods offline.

3. Developer-Friendly Product Ecosystem

DigitalOcean is not just a one-trick pony. In fact, their suite of products offers tons of potential for developers.

4. Customizable Pricing

Even though we also have it under our cons, we think it’s pretty awesome that you can actually customize everything you pay for – your site storage, CPU usage, bandwidth, database, memory, etc.

5. Good Security

Your data and traffic are always secured. This is something that many other hosts don’t emphasize much or don’t even provide. DigitalOcean makes sure that your data is protected end-to-end. It’s a great advantage to keep those ill-willed connections and viruses out of your site system.

Cons of Using DigitalOcean Hosting-

1. For Advanced Users

When one looks at tech products like DigitalOcean, the temptation to resort to jargon-based language becomes clear. You’re dealing with a lot of technical data – an expert in the field would be compelled to write it as they know it, and not how the average human being can understand it.

2. Lacks Basic Features Other Consumer Hosts Provide

DigitalOcean caters to a more advanced crowd, they don’t throw in a bunch of basic features that many other hosts will provide or take care of for you after signing up.

Stuff like:

  • Free domain name with hosting
  • The ability to even purchase a domain name
  • Free site migrations

3. Limited Customer Support

If your website goes down in the middle of the night (which could be disastrous if you’re dealing in overseas markets), there’s no one for you to talk to. You have to go to their website and open a support ticket using their online form.

DigitalOcean Hosting: Dev-Friendly But Do They Get The Basics Right? - Digital.com4. Pricing is Complicated

Once you get into the pricing plans, you’ll head will go dizzy with all the options and possibilities which you can use and upgrade. There are different categories for bandwidth, space, servers (different speeds), CPU, security options, and etc.


If you’re just an average person looking to launch a web presence, there are far more user-friendly products out there that will cost you far less. For someone that knows their way around the tech world, there seems to be no faster or more highly performing product than DigitalOcean. There are few drawbacks but if uptime and speed are the most important factors for you, DigitalOcean is among the best choices on the market.

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