How to sign up for Walmart+


Walmart+ is finally here, and getting started with the service is a breeze.

The new membership program from Walmart went live Sept. 15, so new members can enjoy free unlimited delivery, member prices on fuel, and mobile scan-and-go capabilities for in-store shoppers. Signing up for Walmart+ is easy—but keep in mind that the program is not available in every city at the moment. Before you get started, enter your zipcode on the homepage to make sure you’re eligible for Walmart+ benefits.

If you’re ready to take advantage of what Walmart+ has to offer, you can start now with a free 15-day trial. Here’s everything you need to know about signing up for the service.

Step-by-step guide to signing up for Walmart+

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Walmart+ is easy to sign up for.

Follow these steps to sign up for Walmart+:

Step 1: Go to Walmart+

To get started, go to If you’ve already got a Walmart account, click “Sign in”; otherwise, click on “Start 15-day free trial.”

Step 2: Check your eligibility

You’ll be asked to give your name, phone number, and a valid shipping address, including the zip code. The form will probably suggest possible matches based on what you’re typing, so it’s easiest to click on your street address once you see the correct one pop up beneath the entry field. After you confirm your address, the site will check to see which of the three main Walmart+ benefits are available in your area. You’ll get either a green checkmark or a red X next to each of them.

Take a moment to decide whether getting only two of the three perks will make your subscription worth it. If free unlimited delivery is unavailable at your location, you might consider waiting a few months and trying again—especially if you want to get the most out of the 15-day trial period.

Once you’ve made the decision to sign up, click “Continue.” At this point, if you’re an existing Walmart user, you may be asked to sign in again. If you’re completely new to the site and want to create an account for use with Walmart+, this is where you can choose to do so.

Step 3: Enter your information

Signing up for a Walmart account is a smooth, painless process. You simply need to give your first and last name, a valid email, a password, and check whether or not you’d like to opt in for promotional emails from Walmart.

After you’ve got your account and have logged in, you can go through with the 15-day free trial. You’ll need to enter payment info from a credit or debit card at this stage. Canceling your trial before it ends will keep your card from being charged, but you’ll lose access to all Walmart+ benefits immediately.

Optional Step 4: Extend your free trial

Note that you may be able to extend your trial to 30 days by answering a couple basic questions about your household—things like how many people live there, what types of other subscriptions you have, and whether you have any infants, children, or pets.

Step 5: Start shopping!

From here, you can click “Start shopping” or browse the “Pickup & delivery” section of Walmart. There’s a $35 minimum on all delivery orders, but there’s no limit to how many purchases you can make.

Simply select the one-hour delivery window that works best for you, and you’ll have the option to tip your driver directly through Walmart’s website or the Walmart app. Now that you’re a member, qualifying orders will always have the delivery fee taken off automatically.

What is Walmart+?

Walmart+ information

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Here’s everything you need to know about Walmart+.

Walmart+ is a new membership-based service from Walmart that aims to rival Amazon Prime. It provides benefits to in-store and online shoppers, including free unlimited delivery, member pricing on fuel, and mobile scan-and-go capabilities. Walmart+ offers a great new way to deliver groceries to your home, similarly to Instacart and Shipt, but without the delivery fees. You can also order a range of non-grocery items from the Walmart site, including anything you can purchase from your local Walmart store.

How much does Walmart+ cost?

Walmart+ offers two pricing plans, both of which are cheaper than Amazon Prime.

You can become a member either for $12.95 per month or for $98 billed annually. That’s $21 cheaper than Prime, provided you’re willing to pay for a whole year up front.

Sign up for a free 15-day trial of Walmart+

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