How to Use Dead Sea Mud for Natural Beauty


Minerals like magnesium, calcium, and potassium play a key role in growing strong hair, having glowing skin, and maintaining overall wellness. Dead Sea Ingredients, like Dead Sea Mud, Salt, and Brine, provide a pleasurable way to supplement these minerals through skin care and natural beauty.

Dead Sea Mud is a particularly compelling ingredient for use in spa formulations. Learning how to use Dead Sea Mud in your own natural bath and body recipes can be a lot of fun. Who doesn’t love playing with mud once in a while?

Facial Masks

Hand crafted masks are easily the most popular way to make use of Dead Sea Mud. Formulations can be super simple, using just the plain mud on its own. Or, you may want to experiment by blending the mud with other natural beauty ingredients like essential oils, carrier oils, and herbs. The following recipes are some of our personal favorites.

  • Deep Cleansing Mud Masque | The Natural Beauty Workshop
  • Spearmint Dead Sea Mud Masque | Mary Makes Good
  • Dead Sea & Silk Face Mask | Humblebee & Me

Body Masks & Wraps

Body Masks and Wraps are a great way to nourish and detox your body from head to toe. Again, recipes can be as simple or complex as you want them to be. No matter how you choose to blend your mud-based body treatment, make sure to set aside some dedicated self-care time for this kind of larger-scale home spa project.

  • Ginger Fennel Body Mask | The Natural Beauty Workshop
  • Thalassotherapy Body Wrap | From Nature With Love
  • How to Do a Detoxifying Dead Sea Mud Body Mask or Wrap at Home | Well Gal
Dead Sea Mud Soap Bars | The Natural Beauty Workshop

Soap Making

Handmade soap making provides another wonderful opportunity for making use of Dead Sea Mud. The mineral rich mud helps add exfoliation benefits to soap bars as well as hardness and lush lather.

  • Dead Sea Mud & Tea Tree Cold Processed Soap | The Natural Beauty Workshop
  • Dead Sea Mud & Argan Oil Facial Bar | Lovin’ Soap Studio
  • DIY Rejuvenating Dead Sea Clay Facial Soap | Joybilee Farm

Hair Care

Just like the rest of your body, your hair and scalp can benefit from the nourishing minerals in Dead Sea Mud too. Learning how to use Dead Sea Mud in hair care is a little more tricky since there isn’t quite as much information out there on Dead Sea Mud hair care as other topics. However, after digging a little we found a few exciting articles to share, including a method for using Dead Sea Mud as a hair wash!

  • Dead Sea Mud for Clarifying Natural Hair | KinkChic
  • How to Use Dead Sea Mud as a Hair Mask | Face Care Talks
  • Face Mask To Cowash 4c Natural Hair : ANJOU Dead Sea Mud Mask Detox | Pure Estrogen
  • Using Mud As Natural Hair Shampoo | Natural Hair Mag
How to Use Dead Sea Mud


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