21 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas to Show Mom That You Care


21 Mother's Day Gift Ideas to Show Mom That You Care

Mother, it is not just a word but an emotion so strong that nothing reigns above it! Mother’s day simply gives you the opportunity to tell your mom how special she is. In our busy and hectic lifestyles, rare are the days when you get to show appreciation for that one woman who gave you birth and loves you unconditionally. A little effort will brighten up her day and put that broad smile on her face. So, don’t miss out on this one.

Amazing moms deserve amazing presents. So, this mother’s day spoil your mom with some amazing gifts and pick the one which you think will make her smile.It’s hardest to shop for the one we love the most! So, to help you out we’ve put together our favourite collection of Mother’s Day gifts, each of which will make the day even more special. Take a look:

Spa Treatment 

This is one of the most spectacular gift idea for mother’s day. Or let me say, one of the most Spa-tacular ideas.

A spa is all about pampering. And what better day than mother’s day to pamper your mom! Gift your mom a spa treatment or a salon experience. You can also gift her a spa gift card that features a validity period that she can use multiple times till the amount is redeemed.

This is one of those ultimate gifts that will leave her feeling refreshed and relaxed. However, research well about the spa treatments you wish to gift and make a pre-planned advance booking. Believe us, she will surely cherish this gift for a long time.

A Lunch or Dinner Date

The special lady in your life deserves everything special. Make dinner or lunch reservations at a local hotspot. You can always decorate the place with flowers, candles to give that personal touch. Put on some classic old melodies, or any of her favourite song as the background music. Perfect planning and right execution is the key, here.

More heavenly could be, cooking your moms favourite dish this Mother’s day!. Present the dish in an attractive manner and your unconditional love for your mom will serve as the perfect garnishing. The best part about this idea is that it gives you some quality time together.

Personalised Mugs

Adding personal touch to any gift makes it more memorable. If your mother is a tea or coffee lover, this could be a perfect gift. There are a lot of online sites that offer custom printed mugs. You can easily create your photo coffee mug, or get some special message or quote printed on it. Choose the quality materials and vibrant colors and your mug will surely stand out.


Are you thinking a bit different this year? You might have probably heard that “diamonds are a woman’s best friend”. This could be one of the most thoughtful and personal gifts. A lot of online jewellery sites have some amazing mother’s day affordable jewellery collection for you to choose from. You can always go for mom curated pendants or bracelets, giving a personal touch to the jewellery.

This Mother’s day gift your mom a diamond and let her sparkle like one! She will treasure this gift, forever!

Designer Handbag

The importance of handbag in a woman’s life cannot be overlooked. They can accentuate the entire look of an ensemble. Infact for the Mom On the Go or working moms, this could be one of the best gifts as it will help them facilitate better. Be it clutches, handbags, totes, cross-body bags, weekend bags, buy a one according to her taste and preference.

If your mom loves handbags, gift her one!


For moms who complain a lot about stabbing pain in the heels or knees, gifting a foot-massager can be a best idea. Besides relieving pain, it will help boost her general health, also. With a foot-massager at home, she can go for a few minutes of daily foot massage to pamper and relax those feet that do a lot of work the whole day.


Sunglasses are usually looked over as a fashion accessory, but the truth is that they protect the eyes from harmful UV rays that come from the sun. Given the pollution and sun levels, sunglasses should be integral part of your moms wardrobe. If your mother is mostly outdoors, and doesn’t have one this could be a perfect gift! Pick a stylish pair of sunglasses that blends in well with her personality and fits her the best.

Cakes and Chocolates

Be it a birthday, anniversary, wedding, friendship day or any occasion, cakes and chocolates always go down well. With online cake and chocolate delivery doing the rounds, gifting them have become even more convenient, as they are delivered straight to your doorstep. You can always customise the shape of the cake or go for customised chocolates to please her.

And if you can manage time, surprise your mom with a delicious homemade cake. You can always take the help of YouTube videos for the same. So go ahead and strengthen this mother child bond with some yummy and creamy cake and chocolates.


Organisers make for amazing gifts. If you cannot help your mom with any household chores, the least you can do it ease her concerns with a functional gift they can use to manage the clutter. In case your mom is an organisation lover; she will totally appreciate this gift. Be it lipstick organisers, trunk organisers, drawer organisers or over-the door-organisers, she’s gonna love them all. Just find out that which organiser would serve her purpose and contribute a bit to tame the mess.

Fitness Watches or Bracelets

With changing times and technology, the best gift that you can gift to your mother are health gadgets. We all known that women are too busy to look after their own health. To help them do the same, a lot of fitness trackers or smartwatches are available in the market today. These gadgets improve your health by tracking your activity, exercise, food, weight and sleep, i.e. they track all your  health parameters efficiently.

This could be intact one of the most heartwarming present. Gift your mom a step towards a fitter and healthier life.


A pinch of fun will do no harm, while gifting your mother. This is one of the fun and quirky gift, that is bound to make your mother laugh. Caricatures is a sketch or drawing of a person wherein a person’s character is exaggerated. In easy terms, it s an easily identifiable visual likeness.

This would prove to be a truly unique and one of a kind gift on mother’s day! You can take the help of various online sites that are into making of personalised caricature. Just send them your request and they will assist you. However, place your order well-in advance as it takes them 4-5 days to design the caricature.

Audio Greeting Cards

It is the small things in life that count; like expressing your love to the other person. However, it is not that easy. A lot of people find it difficult to express their love and emotions. If you’re one of a kind, giving an audio greeting card can be a perfect choice. Make that greeting card more special by adding a voice message to it. This could prove as a unique personalised idea. Go ahead, create your own voice card and gift your mother the cutest surprise ever!

Memory magnets

Customised fridge magnets for your mom can be a truly unique idea. Fridge magnets have been a home decor idea from quite a long time. But how about personalising these magnets with some of the most special moments of your life. Shortlist those special memories shared by you and your mother that needs a place on your fridge, apart from your heart. The best part is that with newer and better memories, you can always change the pictures yourself.

Customised Frame

Unlike a photo frame, which is quite an old idea, this is something new and unique. Get a customised frame designed for her which includes all the intricate details about her personality combined with her photos. Like any of her favourite or most used dialogue, her nicknames, habits, favourite locations, etc. Again, a lot of online sites are there to help you in this department. All you have to do is share the details and leave the rest to them. This will turn out to be an excellent gift and your mother will surely love it as it will come straight out of her heart.

Makeup kit 

For all the make-up lovers mom, this will be a perfect pick. From lipsticks to eyelashes and everything in between, pick her favourite stuff from the brand she loves or uses the most and compile everything in a kit. It is quite a thoughtful and useful gift for the mom who’s beautiful both inside and outside.


Perfumes are quite a personal choice for anyone. What is liked by you, may not be liked by other person. However, if you know your mom’s favourite scent, it would just make the perfect present. Gift her bottled blooms and you’ll leave a lasting impression.

You can give personalised touch to this gift via wrapping. Print a personal message on the ribbon or get a box designed with your moms initials embossed on it. It will lend that refine touch to the whole gift.

Amazon Echo

Echo is an Alexa-enabled speaker that can be controlled with your voice. It is basically a cylindrical Bluetooth speaker that listens when you talk to it. This hands-free smart speaker is the perfect present for Mother’s day. She can watch her favourite movies, listen to her favourite songs, set alarms, order online, search the internet for those great recipes or operate her smartphone; like making a phone call without lifting her finger. All she has to do is- Ask Alexa. Amazon echo would simply become her ideal companion, she won’t be able to imagine her life without. After all, being a mom is a lot of work. Plus, you can also get to enjoy the Echo experience. Now, this sounds like a perfect gift.

Video Compilation of Pictures

Somebody rightly said, “A picture is worth a thousand words”. And a picture video is worth more than that. Make a short video that includes all your favourite pictures and memories with her that captures the essence of your bond. So, go ahead collect all those joyous and glowing moments and gift her a video collage. You can take the help of various video-making apps, that will make the task easier. This is more of a sentimental gift but it will surely put a smile on her face.

A Holiday or Weekend Getaway

Who doesn’t love to travel? Plan a mini-vacation on Mother’s day! This could turn out to be the most memorable gifts. Plan a family outing to one of your mother’s favourite places, or a place she desires to travel. It will give her that much-needed break to relax and rejuvenate herself. Search the online sites for various offers and make the bookings. This gift will be cherished forever!

Customised Phone Cover

Who can deny the importance of mobile phones in everyday’s life. You can gift a photo-printed customisable back phone cover for her smartphone. This is a great way to keep your most special moments close at hand. Totally a unique and different gift, this one is bound to impress!

A Book

For mothers who love reading more than anything else, gifting a book would a great option. A book, always makes a fantastic gift option. Gift your book-loving mother a fantastic book depending on her taste. Find out her favourite author or genre and buy accordingly. For the mother who loves looking, a recipe book would be a perfect choice. You can even go for literary nonfiction or fiction. Inscribe the book with a personal message to give that soulful touch to the book.


Watching the reaction of your mom unwrapping the gift you gave her, is always priceless. However, more than any gift, your mom will be the happiest by spending some quality time with you. Besides the gift, do make out time for her and what better gift is there than the gift of “You”!


Mothers are no less than a guardian angel.

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