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Surfshark is a VPN service company based in the British Virgin Islands . Surfshark offers products such as a virtual private network (VPN) service, a data leak detection system, and a private search tool.

Surfshark was launched in 2018 by introducing its first VPN application for iOS devices. In 2018, Surfshark underwent an external audit by a German cybersecurity firm Cure53. but just for their browser extensions

In September 2019, Surfshark launched an Android app called Trust DNS. The app works as a DNS resolver that can provide access to websites in highly restrictive countries. In October 2019, Surfshark became one of the first ten VPN packages to receive an official seal of approval granted by an independent IT-Security Institute AV-TEST. In 2020, Surfshark named the best VPN of 2020 by CNN.

Surfshark VPN: Ride the VPN wave like a boss


One of the big features for VPNs these days is Netflix unblocking and Surfshark specifically advertising this is something its service offers. In fact it even names 14 countries where it can do this, including the U.S., France, Japan, Australia, Italy and more.


I ran my speed tests over the course of three days with dynamic IP addresses, in two locations, using both wireless and ethernet connections — one location offered slower broadband speeds, and the other offered higher speeds via fiber-optic internet. Internet speeds in the US vary widely by state and provider. And with any speed test, results are going to rely on your local infrastructure, with hyperfast internet service yielding higher test speed results.

Security and privacy-

Surfshark uses the enterprise level AES-256 encryption meaning all your data is kept locked so even if it were compromised it would remain unintelligible. Not that it should be at risk thanks to a kill switch, keeping you safe if your connection drops, and a double hop VPN. That means your address is even more secure, should you activate this feature, making you highly anonymous and difficult to track.

Surfshark’s server network-

Surfshark has an extensive server network: they have 1700 servers across 63+ countries and locations. This is very convenient for bypassing geo blocks. In most countries, they have multiple servers. Especially the US servers are numerous, most likely to ensure watching the American Netflix keeps working.

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Customer service-

Navigating to the Help section on Surfshark’s website, you’ll find a decent amount of information to help you get started with the service. There are various setup guides, including manual connection guides, router tutorials, and extension and app guides. In addition, some FAQs are answered, although this isn’t as comprehensive a section as it could be.

Should you sign up?

If you want to save a packet on a really decent VPN that offers lots of features, then Surfshark could be for you. Presuming you’re ok with paying that two year up front cost then you can get this cheaper than most other VPNs, without sacrificing quality, speed, security or reliability. In fact, this budget VPN is above average and beats a lot of the more expensive services with its offerings.


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