Top 10 Best Bluetooth Headphones for Gym


This comparison with the best sports Bluetooth headphones for fitness or gym is based on our own tests on some headsets and hundreds of hours of analysis. The sports headphones in this ranking are intended for indoor sports because they block ambient noise. We recommend the Bose SoundSport for sound quality and the Aukey EP-B40 for their low price. For outdoor sports, you can consult our comparison of sports headphones for running.

Mpow Flame Bluetooth Headphones

Sweat-wicking and washable, the Mpow Flame Bluetooth Headphones is an effective product for athletes. Ultralight, it is forgotten during physical activity while its double silicone hoop ensures good maintenance during exercise.

If you practice running, this Mpow Flame Bluetooth Headphones, with its open design, allows you to hear the outside environment.

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Senso ActivBuds Bluetooth Headphones

Lightweight (it weighs only 150g), the Senso 03565270000SENSO Bluetooth Headphones is one of the best sports headsets. Offering good audio quality, an airy structure, removable pads machine-washable, this helmet in different colors remains among the safe values.

Of course, during the exercise, you will feel the heat more quickly than with headphones in-ear especially in case of intense cardio activity like running.

Practical, the microphone is compatible with Siri for iOS devices and allows to use the voice commands on Android.

With the remote control, you can take a phone call and hang up.

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Bluetooth Headphones GULUDED True Wireless Earbuds

The GULUDED brand, with its success in the audio sector and with its headphones, also offers headphones specifically dedicated to the sport. Incorporating Bluetooth functionality, the Bluetooth Headphones GULUDED True Wireless Earbuds have a 12-hour battery life.

The big plus: the Fast Fuel feature that allows you to get an extra listening time after just 5 minutes of charging.

The in-ear design of these headphones ensures excellent support even in case of intensive sports sessions.

These ear buds are sweat-resistant and very comfortable.

Different colors are available to please the greatest number.

MRS LONG Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

MRS LONG Bluetooth Wireless Headphones are more than just headphones, but real training aids. With real-time and customizable voice coaching, you benefit from a unique training program tailored to your profile.

Incorporating an in-ear heart rate monitor, MRS LONG Bluetooth Wireless Headphones let you track your heartbeat in real time.

Sweat, water and shock-resistant thanks to the reinforced shell and cables, they also provide excellent support thanks to the specific shape of their earphones.

More for athletes wanting to measure their performance, MRS LONG Bluetooth Wireless Headphones work entirely in Bluetooth.

H1 SE Wireless Sport Earbuds

If you’re looking for a 30-USD Bluetooth headset, the H1 SE Wireless Sports Earbuds is a good compromise.

With direct access to playback and volume through headphones, you no longer need to take out your smartphone during your workout.

Ultra-light, they are quickly forgotten and offer optimal support thanks to their clips Sport Clip.

Sold with 3 pairs of tips and 3 pairs of clips, these Bluetooth sports headphones will fit all ears.

Hussar Magicbuds Best Wireless Sports Earphones

With these Hussar Magicbuds Best Wireless Sports Earphones you have the most technically advanced wireless technology.

No more an uncomfortable cord between the two earpieces with this Hussar brand model: each pair comes with two ear buds with the stretchable cord: you can choose to use both earpieces or only one during your sports sessions.

The Hussar Magicbuds Best Wireless Sports Earphones also have a built-in heart rate monitor and a real voice coach : predict your race pace, valuable tips for recovery, real-time instructions to boost your performance.

With its superior sound, this new-generation headphone model is the perfect accessory to train and enjoy the music to the full.

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iClever Bluetooth Headphones, Lightweight Wireless Earphones

For its entry into the world of sports headphones, Samsung has chosen a fully wireless model consisting of two headsets each with a touch surface .

Packed with innovations, the iClever Bluetooth Headphones include an accelerometer and a heart rate monitor.

Sweat-resistant, these headphones are available in black, blue, white and gold. We regret, however, their poor autonomy.

Perfect for sportsmen looking for totally wireless headphones and full of features the iClever Bluetooth Headphones is a great option. All at a very competitive price.

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Phaiser BHS-530 Bluetooth Headphones

Incorporating the quality of Phaiser sound and a heart rate monitor, the Phaiser BHS-530 Bluetooth Headphones are necessarily at the top of our top 10.

Sweat resistant, these Bluetooth headphones come with StayHere + tips for a guaranteed support during even the most intensive workouts .

The remote control located on the pair of headphones allows you to control the music or take phone calls without having to take out the phone.

Comfortable, sturdy and offering excellent isolation from outside sounds, Phaiser BHS-530 Bluetooth Headphones hold a high standard compared to their competitors.

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Showkoo Bluetooth Headphones

Headset type, the Showkoo Bluetooth Headphones is the perfect companion for your sports activities as its light weight of just 24g is forgotten!

Offering excellent hold, the ear cups are very comfortable and adapt to all body types.

With an 8-hour battery life, open design and sweat-wicking, reflective coating, the Showkoo Bluetooth Headphones is a sure bet in the Bluetooth headphones and headphones category.

Why buy sports Bluetooth headphones for fitness?

The sport Bluetooth headphones market for training and the gym has exploded in recent years. More and more sportsmen are getting some. Now there are running headphones designed for outdoor running or sports headphones for the gym designed to workout in the gym. There are several good reasons to buy sports headphones for its activities. Here are a few.

To be able to listen to your music everywhere

We live in a time where it is possible to listen to your music wherever you are. Music has become indispensable for many athletes who train. Technology ensures that we do not have to go without a background, even if we go to a gym. Music helps maintain a good level of concentration during exercise and is a good source of motivation.

Before the advent of sports Bluetooth headphones for training and the gym, it was necessary to go to a place where music was imposed on us. However, everyone has their tastes and the choice of music could sometimes be annoying to the point where one lost his motivation to attend gyms. All this is past because it is now possible to draw energy from our favorite tunes.

Headphones specially designed for athletes

While it was previously uncomfortable to have unstable headphones that fell all the time, it is now easy to use headphones to train because the bad experiences of the past have led manufacturers to draw lessons and to offer headphones specially designed for sports activities. They were made to fit the specific needs of the gym and the gym.

Thus, sports Bluetooth headphones for training and for the gym have been manufactured to remain stable. Most quality brands of headphones fit very well to all ears sizes and can be fixed without falling. They are also mostly sweat and moisture proof. You can practice almost forgetting that you wear headphones. There is never a need to worry about adjusting or connecting them during physical activity.

Quality sound

Most sports headphone manufacturers have been able to develop headphones that are compatible with most types of devices that can deliver quality sound. It would be rather annoying to listen to music mixed with distortion or crackling, but modern sports headphones offer excellent sound quality.

Headphones to plan the training

Wearing sports Bluetooth headphones allows many sportsmen to use the songs from their playlist as markups in their training. Instead of a stopwatch, it’s the order of appearance of their favorite tunes that tells them which stage they are in their training schedule for the day and whether they are late or ahead of schedule to their previous performance.

More and more affordable prices

If the purchase of sports headphones has already been considered a luxury, the competition between different brands is producing its effect. It is becoming increasingly easy to find hard-wearing headphones that offer quality sound at very reasonable prices.

How to choose sports Bluetooth headphones for fitness?

To get the most out of your sports Bluetooth headphones, you need to follow certain principles and look for certain features at the time of purchase. Here are some tracks.


When buying sports Bluetooth headphones, check if they offer enough stability to deserve their name. Indeed, good sports headphones for training must allow exercising sports activities without it ever necessary to adjust them. They must never fall, regardless of the movements that one executes. Most quality models fit adequately and easily to the size of the ears. Once set, they should not be a problem.


The sport bluetooth headphones are designed for training. They must be robust and resistant since they are called to be shaken. They must provide protection against sweat and moisture. Most models are made of materials designed to block any infiltration of liquids. In the case of headphones with cable, it may happen that you inadvertently pull on it. Hence the importance of having a resistant material.

Check the sound quality

Before proceeding with the purchase of sports bluetooth headphones, it is worthwhile to test the quality of the sound they can capture. Do not hesitate to demand an impeccable sound, since the technology is quite capable of offering headphones of great sound quality.

It is also important to ensure a certain balance between the sound inside the headphones and the ambient noise. Certainly, nobody likes to be bothered by outside noises while listening to his favorite music. It should not be completely cut off from the environment, especially in the case of athletes in training. Not perceiving the sounds around you leads to the risk of an accident.

Buy headphones from serious merchants

The recommendation to buy sports bluetooth headphones from known dealers may seem trivial, but it is particularly true for this type of device. By their shape, the headphones are easy to counterfeit and some fraudsters do not deprive themselves. Even the brands are reproduced on some packages of counterfeit earphones.

Choose according to your budget

In the case of sport Bluetooth headphones for training as in many other cases, it is necessary to proceed with the purchase according to his needs and his personality. High-end headphones can seem very expensive, but they allow you to train with peace of mind. They will last a very long time and will not have to be replaced unless one is able to resist the attractions of the models of the future.

It is still possible to get your hands on earphones resistant and good quality without breaking the bank.

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