Top 10 Best Earbuds Under 50 Dollar


So you want to buy an earbud but the problem is market has tons of options which are enough to confuse anyone. We understand this that’s why we keep update you about the latest and best products in our site so you can get always the best without feeling cheated. Today we are providing the list of top 10 best earbuds under 50 dollars with in-depth details. If you are really serious about your music then make sure to read about every earbud so you won’t miss any good deal.

iyesku YK-T02True Wireless Headphone, Sports Earbuds

iyesku YK-T02 is a wireless sports earbuds is one of the best earbuds you can buy under 50 dollar. The best thing about iyesku YK-T02 is completely wire free. It will give you more freedom to enjoy your favorite music without wasting your time in untangling the wires.

iyesku YK-T02 is optimized for Apple devices like iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple Watch. But if you are using Android smartphone then don’t feel worried as it comes with class 1 Bluetooth technology which makes your Android device fully compatible with it.

It comes with IPX4 certificate which means it is waterproof earbuds. It ultimately makes it a sweatproof too. So no matter whether you are working or simply working out it is just idle for every type of situation.

One single charge gives it 12 hours of battery life. This much of battery life is enough to last through secure-fit ear hooks and multiple workouts to maximize stability and comfort. The best part is its storage box which is not a normal box actually it supports 3-4 time recharge. Amazing isn’t?

iyesku YK-T02 gives you sports freedom. Take this out on your workout and test its durability in rain and sweat. It will not disappoint you. It gives you all durability for difficult weather and strenuous workouts.

Most of the earbuds have to call a function on both sides but when it comes to iyesku YK-T02 it will come either in right side or left side. The original version has a call function on right earbud while the upgraded version has on the left side. Know that it is done intentionally so you can have better and safe driving.

To fit with every ear iyesku YK-T02 comes with various sized ear tips. All ensure better comfort and amazing sound experience.

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RHA S500 Universal

RHA S500 Universal let you experience unrivaled comfort and quality using an elegant engineering and ultra-compact design. It ensures that you will not hear any disturbing noised during enjoying your favorite music. It will block all the noises seamlessly.

When we are using earbuds one of the most irritating things is taking the phone out of pocket to change the music or picking calls. In such situation, a dedicated button on earbuds feels like a heaven feature.

Well, you will be glad that if you have decided to buy RHA S500 Universal then you will get a dedicated button on your potential earbuds. It let you control music, calls, and active digital assistant functions too. All can be accessed with a single touch of a button.

Talking about its built then premium metal has been used to build RHA S500 Universal. While working on its durability company doesn’t forget about its design. It comes with an ultra-compact design.

It has high grade 6063 aluminum housings and has a weight of 14g. It is perfect earbuds which promise you to give high-quality audio along with long-lasting quality.

RHA S500 Universal features 140.1 micro drivers which are customized to deliver detail and powerful sound across all genres. It let you experience high-quality sound from every track.

You will get a range of accessories with this earbud like ear tip holder, silicone ear tips, clothing clip, and a carry pouch. That’s not it, RHA S500 Universal comes with three years of manufacturer warranty.

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SoundMagic E10

SoundMagic E10 is a sound isolating in-ear earbuds which gives you a trendy style along with a fun sound signature. This is what today’s generation music listeners want to have in their audio equipment.

SoundMagic E10 is specially built with two-tone metal earpiece bodies, modern design & finish, and profile metal hardware to give it a premium appearance. It ensures you a tangle free experience as it features an easy to wear and use tangle free cable and wire clip.

E10 looks much more expensive than it actually is. Now if you are a true music lover then you might love to consider music quality over the looks.

Well, it is never disappointing you at that department too. People just love SoundMagic E10 just because of its powerful and dynamic sounds.

SoundMagic E10’s one of the biggest USP is its enhanced bass output which extends deep with enhanced impact and punch. It renders the music in a true manner that’s the reason it doesn’t disappoint you in terms of sound and clarity.

Its some other notable feature are Dynamics 10mm Neodymium drivers, 15Hz~22 KHz frequency range, unique and special all metal earphone construction,  superb music detail with balanced powerful bass.

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Betron ELR50

Betron ELR50 is a noise isolating earbuds. It is one of the most comfortable earbuds in our top 10 best earbuds under 50 dollar list. All thanks to its secure fitting silicone earbuds. It is lightweight in-ear headphones which provide ultimate music mobility with an ease.

It comes in various color options so you can choose your style which suits you the best. Betron ELR50 is integrated with 9mm neodymium drivers for balanced and powerful sound. It is one of the best choices.

No matter where you go and listen to any type of music it always gives you refined sound. If you are the one who loves to travel then this is just specially made for you as it is built for those who keep moving.

It combines with an ultra-light aluminum and as above told neodymium driver so that it can produce high precision sound.

When you consider buying Petron ELR50 you don’t have to worry about its comfort level as it comes with 4 different sized of hybrid soft silicone earbuds. Just pick the one which fits you the best and start enjoying your favorite music.

Betron ELR50 features sculpted air vents so that it can reproduce deep bass beats and rhythms accurately by optimizing low frequencies. Moreover, it also features high sensitivity.

Sensitivity generally measures in earphones to know how efficiently it can convert an electric signal into sound. Its sensitivity is tested, Betron ELR50 allow you to listen to your favorite music at high volume without sacrificing with clarity.

Its frequencies are controlled so that it can highlight the tone and bass of each song you play then it really doesn’t affect which volume settings you are using.

Sound quality is always out of the box. In short Betron ELR50 simply translates to sophistication, pleasing sound, and style.

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Beats by Dr.Dre – urBeatsEarbud

Beats by Dr.Dre doesn’t need any introduction. If you are a big fan of Beats then you surely looking for any earbuds manufactured by Beats, right? Well, your wait is over as we have one of the best solutions for you in our top 10 best earbuds under 50 dollars.

Beats by Dr.Dre –urBeatsEarbud comes with unique driver design which helps to take out maximum bass from the earbuds. It ensures you a soaring high, ultra-clear midrange, and deepest bass. This is something which any artist feels while recording the music

Beats by Dr.Dre – urBeatsEarbud is lightweight that makes it ideal for listening while traveling and exercise. It is so light that you can’t even feel whether you’ve worn the earbuds or not.

To give it an everlasting shine and rugged durability and it has given hard chrome finish. Apart from it, Beats by Dr.Dre – urBeatsEarbud features a built-in mic that let you talk to your loved ones without taking out your smartphone.

Now there is 3-way button too so that you can control your music. This sounds simple features but are the most essential features of any earbuds as no one like to take out his or her smartphone to pick calls or changing the music.

Its multiple ear tip designs and sealed in-ear build make sure that no external noise will interrupt your music. In short, you can enjoy your music in more detail.

If you are curious to know what you will get in packing then know that when you order Beats by Dr.Dre – urBeatsEarbud you will get urBeats in-ear headphones, strong pouch, HTC compatible in-line remote microphone cable, and six pairs of ear tip fittings.

Its key features are solid metal housing which is a precision machined single-billet metal housing specially designed to prevent external sounds and vibrations.

Audiophile Earbuds

If you become a bit irritated of listening to music then it is perfect time fall in love with music again with Audiophile Earbuds. No doubt you will get a variety of “quality” in-ear headphones, earphones, and earbuds but how can you figure out which one gives you actual audio quality?

Well pretty difficult to find out as you can’t know about the sound quality by just seeing the packet then no matter how big expert you are.

If you want to play a bet on getting best quality earbuds then feel free to give a try to Audiophile Earbuds. It is one of the tops recommended earbuds in our top 10 best earbuds under 50 dollars. It comes at a really affordable price.

Audiophile Earbuds features dynamic dual drivers which are made up of strongest materials available. It ensures you to give more detailed and powerful listening experience.

It comes with an output up to 118 decibels and frequency range of 5 Hz to 31,000Hz. This simply means you will feel every single beat that is coming from instruments.

Audiophile Earbuds is one of the best works of audio engineers. It promises you to give astonishing listening experience with a 16 Ohm impedance.

Audiophile Earbuds set includes 24 karat gold-plated 3.5mm input jack, 3 sets of butter-soft silicone tips, and tangle resistance copper cable.

This product is extremely durable. If you don’t like the earbuds you can claim for full refund. Do you want any more reason to go with Audiophile Earbuds?

Sennheiser CX300 II

Sennheiser is a big name in the audio industry and it is not possible to complete our top 10 best earbuds under 50 dollar list without including any Sennheiser product. Sennheiser CX300 II produces powerful bass-driven stereo sound with crystal clear sound with enhanced dynamics.

It packs with 3 size ear tip, all of them have amazing noise blocking features. You will also get a carrying pouch with it.

Its highlighted or notable features include modern bass-driven stereo sound, high passive noise attenuation, and 2-year manufacturing warranty.

Apart from it, Sennheiser CX300 II comes with an asymmetrical cable that gives you a freedom to wear the earbuds as you want.CX300 II is integrated with high-quality dynamic speaker systems which produce bass-driven stereo sound.

Sennheiser CX300 II is available in silver and black color option. According to the company they designed this product for those who are looking for an upgrade and have a carve of experiencing great sound in a portable and compact package.

Let’s talk about it some of Sennheiser CX300 II’s technical specifications. It has 42-17,000 Hz frequency response, 113 dB (1KHz/1Vrms) sound pressure level (SPL), 16 ohms impedance, dynamic transducer principle, 3.9 ft. or 1.2 m cable length, and 1/8 or 3.5 mm of jack plug.

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Tweedz Red Earbuds


Tweedz tagline is ‘Braided Headphones’ and no doubt they justify it with their wide range of product. Tweedz was co-founded by a globetrotting expat and an Indie musician.

First of all Tweedz Red Earbuds comes with heavy duty durability. It is inspired by heavy-duty guitar cables. It is coated with 100{36b8a5455bdc13d2d7d3a806f66c3122ed04f8797261ada53f6e5f91b592e92b} nylon which makes it one of the strongest and durable earbuds available.

Tweedz Red Earbuds especially comes with the tangle-free design. Its unique rubber runner and wire help it to achieve this feature. For best results just wrap it around your fingers and throw it in your bag.

It has 4.3 ft. or 130 cm wire which is long enough to enjoy uninterrupted music. Every pair of Tweedz Red Earbuds comes with 3 different sized in-ear silicon earbuds comes which are super comfortable.

To match your mood and style it comes with a long range of color. You can choose from whooping 10 color options. Features like tangle free, durable, colorful etc. has to do nothing especially when it isn’t able to produce good sound.

Tweedz Red Earbuds will not disappoint you here. Despite providing great durability and looks in the sound quality department it gives balanced and full spectrum frequency response. This simple functionality helps you to enjoy any kind of music from soul to salsa, indie rock to EDM, folk to funk & hip hop to pop.

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Skullcandy Method Sweat-Resistant Sports Earbud

If you are the one who loves to stay active and fit then exercising and gyming is obviously your essential part of life. Now no need to say music also plays a very important role in it.

We know that most the people like you are struggling with what kind of problem. If we are not wrong that it is your earbuds which pops out within 15 minutes of exercise.

Well, don’t worry we have a perfect solution for you in our exclusive list of top 10 best earbuds under 50 dollars.

Let us introduce you to Skullcandy Method Sweat-Resistant Sports Earbud. As the name suggests one of the biggest USP of this earbuds is sweat resistance.

It is built specially to protect the sensitive part of the earbuds from moisture that are majorly responsible for destroying or damaging your earbuds.

It has StickyGels integration which makes it 30{36b8a5455bdc13d2d7d3a806f66c3122ed04f8797261ada53f6e5f91b592e92b} more stable and secure. Moreover, one of the biggest problem while exercising is slippery earbuds that generally falls out.

You will not face such situation with Skullcandy Method Sweat-Resistant Sports Earbud as it comes with DualLock Fit technology which prevents it from falling out from your ear.

In terms of sounds, it provides you with powerful bass, precision highs, and warm natural vocals. All thanks to its advanced Supreme Sound technology.

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Sony MDR-XB50AP/L Extra Bass Earbud Headset

Sony MDR-XB50AP/L Extra Bass Earbud Headset is known for its powerful sound. It has specially built drivers which are integrated with high-energy neodymium magnets which ensures you to deliver powerful and deep bass which is ideal for today’s generation music.

Its special tightly sealed acoustic design helps to give powerful and extended bass response. Sony MDR-XB50AP/L Extra Bass Earbud Headset also features a notable smartphone playback control which makes it perfect for any smartphone.

Android users can easily get access to Smart Key app which comes with added functionalities.

Sony MDR-XB50AP/L Extra Bass Earbud Headset comes with a hybrid silicone earbud which ensures a long-lasting comfort. It is specially designed to minimize ambient noise. You will get 4 sizes; x-small, small, medium, and large in the pack.

Hope you like to know about top 10 best earbuds under 50 dollar. If you have any question then feel free to ask us.

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