Top 10 Best Walking Shoes for Women in 2020


Walking and Running is a sport that is gaining more and more followers: if it has the main advantage of being free, it must still be well equipped not to traumatize his joints and the rest of his body. It starts with suitable shoes first. A pair of walking must be adapted to the morphology of your foot, to your stride but also to the type of ground on which you practice your sessions as well as to the frequency of your outings. I have selected for you the 10 best walking shoes for women that will be on the market in 2018. I tried to find for each pair of shoes the best offer of the moment.

Brooks Ghost 10 W – Top Rated

With 368 comments for a global rating, this is by far the most rated pairs of walking women shoes. Opinions are raving. One of Brooks’ flagship models that will bring you cushioning and stability.

A perfect balance between comfort and technicality. A pair suitable for runners at the universal stride. Flexible and flexible thanks to BioMoGo DNA cushioning and the Omega Flex Grooves process.

New Balance FuelCore Rush V3 W – The basic for a universal stride with pronator

Ideal for runners with slightly pronating stride. Very light (about 227g), it adapts perfectly for the outings on road or on road. Composed of a RevLite sole and a drop of 6 mm, it brings you comfort and dynamism with a good return of energy during the propulsion.

It is equally suitable for use in training or for competitions. To sum up, this pair of New Balance FuelCore Rush V3 W offers comfort, dynamism and lightness.

Asics Gel-Hyper Tri 3 W – The good plan rated and not expensive

This pair of Asics Gel-Hyper Tri 3 W is a great deal for all lovers of walking the type of universal stride. At the same time ultra-light (approximately 167g for a size in size 40), comfortable and dynamic, it will be ideal for training as for competitions. The Gel Cushioning System allows shock absorption and guarantees good fluidity.

The Impact Guidance System (IGS) and Guidance Line facilitate the smooth walking of the foot and the AHAR + technology provides better grip. With these devices, you will extend the life of your shoes. Another plus, the addition of the reflective 3M makes it possible to reflect the light, an additional guarantee of security.

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Mizuno Wave Prophecy 7 W – The latest in walking shoes

For those seeking balance between comfort and technicality, this pair of Mizuno, the original style is a concentrate of technology: Wave Infinity Plate and U4IC and U4IC + systems for good cushioning and shock absorption and a marked energy return. A heel with a rigid shell for more stability and support. Better grip and abrasion resistance with the X-10, flexibility with Smooth Ride . AIRMesh, DynamotionFit and other  Premium Insock to improve comfort and freedom of movement.

To sum up, an innovative style for a perfect pair of walking a road practice. As a bonus, with this drop of 12 mm your calf muscles will be less stressed.

New Balance Men’s Fresh Foam Zante v3 Comfort and lightness

New Balance fresh foam 1080 v8Designed for runners of all weights, the New Balance Fresh Foam, 8th generation is a guarantee of comfort and cushioning. An important drop of 8 mm for a better unwinding of your stride and a certain rebirth of energy during the impacts. Add to that a heel reinforcement for those who “heel” a lot but who keeps a universal stride. This will ensure more fluidity. A mesh upper for breathability of the foot.

One of the most comfortable shoes that exists, as is almost always the case with New Balance. I have found the best possible price on Amazon.

ASICS GEL-Kinsei 5 – A novelty that is already unanimous

Hard to find a pair of walking as popular a few months after its release! Average score of 4.6 / 5 for a total of 29 reviews from i-run and 4,65 / 5 for 57 reviews on GoSport when I publish this comparison. Power in the pulses and fluidity of the stride with a big drop of 10 mm. A cushioning and incomparable comfort seduced runners who practice training as competitions. This pair of walking adapts moreover as well on road or on dirt roads.

GEL Cushioning System, FluidRide, Impact Guidance System (IGS), Guidance Line or AHAR + are all technologies that will help you feel great in this shoe. And finally, a FluidFit upper for a supple and fitted footwear.

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Adidas Supernova Boost- The best value for money

The perfect walking pair for hookers (but not the rugbymen!) At the universal stride. A Boost boost for extraordinary dynamism and a return of energy when your heel impacts the ground, further accentuated by the large drop of 10 mm of this Supernova Boost. The other highlight of this shoe designed for both competitions and trainings is its comfort. A shoe to wear and incredible flexibility, especially in the Achilles tendon.

A perfectly versatile pair as summarized by U-Run.

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Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 34 – Lightweight at a low price

For all riders who prefer lightweight shoes, very light! With around 285g for a pair of 44, we are here on one of the lightest walking pairs on the market, the featherweight par excellence that will make you forget that you wear shoes. With seamless Flymesh fabric, it offers good breathability and long-lasting support. This pair of Nike is a safe bet for runners able to perform more or less long trips at a steady pace. Here too, the heel is reinforced for better cushioning and stability.

A safe value at a low price that you can even fully customize at Nike Store.

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New Balance Fresh Foam W 1080 V8 – Absolute comfort

The pair of New Balance Fresh Foam is the choice of comfort. Exceptional cushioning thanks to the Fresh Foam sole, all in weight and with optimal breathability thanks to the mesh upper. The (removable) insole and outsole further adds cushioning, flexibility and fluidity to your stride. Note that the drop of this pair of New Balance is quite standard with its 8mm difference between the heel and the tip of the shoe.

Salomon S-Lab Sense Ultra – The very good price

Completely redesigned and rethought from older models in the Sense range. Nevertheless, we find all the qualities of the brand Salomon, true trail specialist: both lightweight and very stable thanks to an expanded fit. Despite this, if you have a wide foot, this pair will surely not be suitable for you, the fit remaining fairly adjusted. This pair of Sense has extra cushioning that gives even more dynamism and allows for long outings. For the sole, Salamon has developed the technology  Wet-Traction Contagrip whose qualities are surprising and allows an impressive grip on uphill and downhill. Its drop of 8mm will suit a majority of runners.

The criteria to follow to make your choice

Nowadays, if there is a sport that wins the palm of the notoriety it is the walking ! Walking or jogging (calling it what you want) is one of the most popular sports in France. No doubt he has so many followers (men and women alike) thanks to its ease of practice and its free, but beware, as popular as it is, walking does not improvise completely. Some precautions are still to be taken into account, especially in the choice of shoes.

Among the precautions to take, the choice of an essential accessory : his walking shoe, is a size! Indeed, in order not to traumatize your joints, avoid blisters and other warm-ups, and be comfortable inside you must take into account several criteria that must be adapted to your training.

And you’ll understand, if the brand (Asics, Nike, Adidas, New Balance, Reebok, Mizuno…) and the colors are in general, the first things we look at, this is obviously the most important.

To choose the walking shoe model, experienced runner as beginner, several important factors to take into account:

  • The type of practice (road, trail, triathlon with mountain bike)
  • The race frequency
  • The type of stride (cushioning)
  • The right size
  • Footwear (stability)
  • The drop (sole)
  • Morphology

Shoes according to your type of practice

Depending on whether you run on roads or paths or that you practice trail walking or triathlon (walking, swimming and mountain biking), the choice of the pair of shoes must be adapted to your foot !

For shoes on roads, the shoes will have more cushioning at the level of the sole and crampons-type pavers quite wide.

Trail shoes, on the other hand, have sharp spikes and stronger fabrics to resist branches, stones and other brambles that you can find in the forest or in the mountains. Your foot is better protected.

The frequency with which you will run

This is surely one of the first questions that you will ask the seller if you will try shoes in store: How often do you run? The distance traveled per session and the number of outings allow you to establish your profile and define the essential characteristics of your pair of walking  shoes. We prefer shoes with good cushioning and good stability  for long outings. Conversely, we will choose lighter models for short training or for competition.

If you run less than 10 km a week, choose from basic models. If you go out more than two sessions per week with more than 10 km on average, you should prefer more technical models.

Your type of stride

There are three types of strides:

Proneur Stride: These are the people who tend to run on the inside of their feet.

Supine stride: These are the people who run on the outside of their feet.

The Universal Stride: The runner tends to run on the middle of the foot.

To check your stride type, here is a very simple tip if you already have walking shoes: Observe the soles and analyze the location of wear.

It is sometimes possible to observe a wear of which we do not speak often, excessive wear of the heel. It’s called “heeling” in jargon. In this case, you must choose models with over-developed cushioning at the heel like the Adidas Ultra Boost.

Be aware that if you do not have worn shoes, most of the specialist sellers provide in their stores treadmills equipped with sensors that can study your type of stride.

Find the right shoe size

The size is obviously an essential criterion! But do you know how to choose it? Indeed, as for the type of practice, you must adapt the size according to the terrain that you practice:

For road racing: choose the size of the shoe with 1 size at 1.5 sizes above your usual size.

For trail walking: prefer a shoe with 1.5 sizes above your usual size. Indeed, when you run downhill your foot will tend to hit the end of the shoe. If the shoe size is too small the shoe may cause friction and blisters on the heel.

Do not neglect your shoes!

Criterion often neglected, the footwear is the part that serves to maintain the foot in the shoe and ensures stability. The footwear extends from the upper part of the shoe to the sole. Some have the foot wider than others and there, no secret, you will have to try several pairs so that you test the footwear most suitable for your foot.

The importance of the drop

Our last point to check is the drop. Little known to beginners, we must choose it! The drop is the difference in height of the shoe between the toes and the heel, the more you choose a large drop less the muscles of the calves will be solicited . This will not give you a boost but the shoe will be much more comfortable with a drop adapted.

Your morphology

Walking, you multiply the impacts with the ground and, of course, these impacts are different according to your weight and your morphology. The body is naturally able to withstand shocks but this is a lot of repetition.So, it is essential that your walking shoes can help you cushion these shocks by ensuring some cushioning. This desired stability will relieve your joints during ground impacts and thus limit or even prevent possible injuries.

These tips are valid for all types of runners, man or woman, so take the time to choose the right model, a quality mark (You have the choice: Asics, Nike, Adidas…). Once the pair of walking found, you will only have to find secondary accessories : socks, jerseys etc…

Good training!

When to renew his pair of walking shoes?

The frequency of renewal is directly impacted by the distance traveled, obviously but also by the surface and your type of stride. Indeed, if you observe an extremely pronounced wear, you will surely need to renew your shoes before the usual distance. In general, it is advisable to change shoes every 700 to 800 km for models of good quality.

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